Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eggs and Honey Soon to Come

            Something wonderful is about to happen! Or rather, it will be happening in a few months. Dej and I have decided that come spring, we will start raising our own colony of bees!
            Beekeeping has been a long repressed hobby of mine. My grandfather used to keep a large colony of bees beside his apple orchard and vineyard. They always supplied the family with delicious fresh honey and honeycomb, and we made sure to care for them. Combining the fresh honey in tea helped soothe many a vicious sore throat.
            I remember playing outside near the beehives. The bees never stung me. Not the honeybees at least. My sister and I never had a problem or a fear of them. Some of my friends have expressed concerns about this decision. They say that the children will be stung or harmed. But I respectfully disagree.
            Nature cannot be controlled. It cannot be shut down. And I don’t want to be one of those mothers who tries to child proof nature. I got my fair share of scrapes and bruises, and they did not harm me significantly. Now this does not mean that I will let my children frolic with the wolves that have been sighted up north or that I will send them out to play in the mountains with pork chops wrapped around their necks. But at the same time, this does not mean that I should keep my children away from all insects and other natural parts of the world.
            The benefits of raw honey are numerous and incredible. My own father, horrifically allergic to bees, has found a strong reversal of his symptoms as he has consumed raw honey.
            So, after a great deal of research, prayer, and consideration, Dej and I have decided to go ahead and start raising our own. Some details still have yet to be established. But I am delighted and can hardly wait.
            We will also be raising our own chickens soon. A friend of mine will have some chicks ready for us very soon, and we will soon have our own fresh eggs to boot. Jenevieve and Saja are particularly delighted with this idea, and I can’t blame them. Soon our little homestead will be flowing with eggs and honey!

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