About Jade Glass

            Good day and welcome to you. I am so delighted that you could visit my blog. I hope that you will enjoy your time here and that you will leave blessed. 

            Let me start with a story. Once upon a time, I had a stalker. This stalker was a very disturbed young man who, after drug and alcohol consumption, decided that the best way to make sure that no other man stole me away would be if he killed me. Fortunately, he failed. But he gleaned a great deal of information about me from my blog and internet activities. 

            Bearing this in mind, I have become very tentative about my role on the Internet. There are many great and wonderful people out there, but there are also dangerous ones who could use the information to harm me or my family. So I finally came to a rather tentative compromise, which I agreed upon with my husband. I could write on certain topics, but some information will be changed.
            So, no, my name is not Jade Glass. I have always loved jade. Aside from its rich, varying green color, it has a strength to it and an air of mystery. I used to secretly wish that my parents had named me Jade rather than the very plain name that they chose. And Glass. Well, I chose that more for the symbolism, but I won’t be spoiling the meaning of that one. 

            My trade is homemaker. I am also an artist, and I believe that people should help one another as much as they can. My children are Jenevieve, Saja, Ishtan, and Corram. We live out in rural US of A, and we have some fantastic animals to keep us company. I am a strong proponent of natural parenting, holistic healing, compassionate caregiving, and global story telling. 

Also, I do not make any warranties or guarantees about the contents of this blog. Please remember that I am not an expert in child raising. I’m learning as I go. Please don’t take my opinion as legal, medical, or philosophical advice. I have stories and opinions, and I’d like to share these with you.

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