Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blogging as a Parent: Who Has A Say?

            As I researched the concept of using a pseudonym, it surprised me to see that most of the authors who opposed banning pseudonyms did so under the banner of the LGBT community. While I do not argue that they are misrepresenting facts, I find it more troubling that the protection of pseudonyms requires that individuals be harassed or threatened.
            One author, code name “Levin_freak81,” argued that only those who are afraid of what other people think of them would actually resort to using pseudonyms on a regular basis.
            But this is not necessarily the case. When we start blogging, it is not just about us. It's also about the people we write about. We create a niche in web space, creating an identity and forming a reputation. But, most of the time, we do not focus solely on us. There are young ones in my life. Dear, tender, darling little children whom I adore. I would give my life for them. But how can I know what I will do as I build my children’s reputations online before they even have the chance to speak? What I write may not make much of an impact, but it will be out there in cyberspace.
            When I post a story about myself, I have given my consent. I do it of my own free will. And other mothers who blog give this serious thought as well. But my children can’t always. Perhaps they should? I know how embarrassed I feel when someone tells an embarrassing story about me without my permission. My cheeks burn as I hide my face. Am I doing that to my children?
            One of my friends shared with me that she could not always post complete stories, and another said that she felt it was a tribute to her children. “The world’s a dangerous place,” she told me. “As long as I’m responsible with what I write, nothing will hurt them.”And I recall one writer, though I cannot recall her name, who said that she always talked with her children about what she could and could not write.
            I have tremendous respect for those who do not use pseudonyms to write. I suspect though that for most of us, the decision to blog about our families is not one which we take lightly. In whichever case we decide, we have made a serious decision. How did you reach your decision? Either to blog under your real name or under a pseudonym? I have written dozens of posts but never posted them before this time, so I would appreciate your input.

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